Refurbished Computers

Refurbished Computers

Bring in your used laptop, tablet or smartphone whether it works or not*, and LaptopXchange® will give you a great value towards another in-store product.

Computer Repair Las Vegas
Bring your used laptop, tablet or smartphone and AC adapter into a LaptopXchange® store where a representative will greet you.
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Within minutes, our representative will be able to give you a no-cost quote and determine your trade value (this amount will generally be higher than a cash price). You are probably closer to buying that new model you always wanted by trading in your old one!

For a nominal fee, we will transfer all your favorite files (music, pictures and documents) from your old computer to your new computer. Not to worry! All of your personal information will be removed from the old computer’s hard drive when you turn it over to LaptopXchange®.

Please note that LaptopXchange® does not offer quotes over the phone. Due to the many variables in assessing the value of your laptop, our technicians will need to physically inspect it.

*For non-working computers, trade value will depend on condition and manager discretion
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Need quick service on your laptop or desktop computer? Bring it in for a no-hassle, low-cost repair.


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